Know All About Coffee and Drink the Best with Coffeely App

Coffeely is one of a kind of app helping coffee lovers to make their emotional journey with coffee better, more enthusiastic with complete knowledge gained from this app. Shared opinions via this app makes drinking coffee a better experience.

It is often said that a lot can happen over a brewing cup of coffee. There are millions worldwide who are completely in love with this beverage and often go gaga over its varieties, flavor, tastes and more. To appease coffee lovers in an amazing way is the easy-to-use app, Coffeely enables users to know everything there is to know about their coffees, to discover new coffees and to drink better coffee. In this buzzing community, getting active to find a flavour of one’s choice, checking out friends’ choices when it comes to sipping coffee to making a fanciful wishlist of coffees becomes a plausible option. One can even shop the best beans, buy the best coffee after comparing online coffee prices in different coffee stores, online.

This app which has an amazing interface is loaded with a number of features like easy discoverability of coffees. A cutting-edge photo recognition technology enables the users to access all the coffee information with only a photo of the package. Coffeely already has a huge database, with various brands and coffee variety amalgamated together from all over the world! In order to constantly increase this database and keep it updated, Coffeely counts with the contributions of the coffee lover community. Coffee review and the act of rating coffee go a long way in building the success stories of the different richly aromatic beans. It is not possible to gulp down all at one go so maintaining a wishlist that can be tasted in near future is made easy by this app. This new-age tech freaks swear by social media and sharing one’s favorite coffees, earning badges, keeping an eye on what’s friends are hooked to becomes such an easy affair. It is easy to connect to the people in the coffee community who have similar taste. Those who want to let loose and relax in the comfy ambience in a cafe nearby can find one, buy coffee online by making the best of this Coffeely app.

It is often said that the best coffee brands are hard to find and Coffeely app makes things superbly simple for all coffee enthusiasts. Those who want to find the best coffee shop and cafe, pin down traditional coffee, gourmet coffee, aromatized coffee, powdered variety, roasted beans or whole beans, can use this app for a delightful experience.

Everything in life is a journey, sharing and feeling the experience! When it has got to do with what one is passionate about and if this passion about coffee, Coffeely app is the 360 degree solution provider! Coffeely app is the most popular and trusted platform that keeps the coffee lovers feel alive, make a buzz, interact, communicate, deliberate, engage and take the coffee fiesta to the next level. So whether it is coffee aficionados, coffee producers, roasters, shop owners or anyone in love with these rich beans can make the best of this app. It can be download of Google’s app store and Apple Store.

About Coffeely
Coffeely app was released in 2015 with the goal to help users choose which coffee to purchase next as well as keeping track of their own preferences. It is an attractive, highly engaging app for any coffee lover to connect to a world where everyone related to coffee talk, interact sharing gala experiences about this beverage. Finding the best coffee, rating those, buy coffee and much more is facilitated by this wonderful app.

Coffee roasters interested in keeping their coffee information complete and constantly updated, coffee sellers in need of offering the rich beans to the coffee lovers can know more about the app, by clicking


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