Oasis Mechanical Activation Bottle Fillers Work Without Electricity

Electricity and water usually don’t go together, but what if you need electricity to get a drink from the nearest water cooler? That’s the situation many people find themselves in when the power goes out and the only water source is electric coolers and bottle fillers. Luckily, Oasis® offers numerous bottle fillers with mechanical activation to assure users can fill their bottles to maintain hydration, even in a blackout. In fact, only Oasis® has every bottle filler configuration available with mechanical or electronic activation.

If you think a power outage is nothing to plan for, consider that the electrical grid loses power 285 percent more often now than in 1984, when data collection first began. Regardless of whether it’s aging electrical infrastructure, growing population, or natural disasters — each poses a special threat, and, depending on duration, clean drinking water becomes a matter of health at best and survival at worst.

Oasis Mechanical AquaPointe® Sports Bottle Fillers dispense water during power outages. Although AquaPointe fillers feature high-efficiency electrical cooling systems for cold, refreshing water when the grid is functioning properly, when the power goes out, water will keep flowing with the touch of a button.

Mechanical activation doesn’t mean these bottle fillers skimp on serious purity features. They come with optional filtration systems that reduce chlorine, particulates, contaminants, and odors while improving taste. Plus, molded components that form the bottle filler are infused with FRESHIELD® to help fight the growth of bacteria. When the AquaPointe® Sports Bottle Filler is combined with a RADII drinking fountain, the fountain features standard antimicrobial copper touch points. By choosing fixtures and other touch surfaces made from antimicrobial copper, you can destroy pathogenic microbes and provide an additional weapon in the fight against associated infections. Oasis copper touch points act quickly. In studies, 10 minutes’ exposure was sufficient to virtually abolish the receptor-binding ability of human norovirus virus-like particles, an effect that was not observed on the stainless steel surfaces.*

About Oasis International

Since 1910, Oasis International has focused on bringing refreshing water to the world. Since inventing the modern-day drinking fountain, the company has become the global leader in the design, manufacture, and distribution of clean drinking water systems. The company’s offering includes bottle fillers, water coolers, bottleless coolers, under-counter chillers, dehumidifiers, and countless environmentally friendly products. With an ongoing commitment to green thinking, OASIS sets out to change the world, one sip at a time. For more information, contact Oasis International at 222 East Campus View Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235. Toll free: 800-646-2747. Fax: 614-322-4557. On the Web:

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