The fintech tool empowering cafe owners to access better financing

If you ask most restaurant/cafe owners about their experience getting a loan, they’re likely to tell you the process is not easy. At Fundera, restaurant/cafe owners make up the largest industry segment of the 8500+ small business owners we’ve helped find financing.

The process of applying for a loan is complicated and often inconvenient, and many small business owners get rejected by banks. Although many online lenders have entered the market to fill those gaps, it’s tough to know who to trust when searching for financing online.

That’s why Fundera was created. Fundera is an online marketplace and advisor for small business loans that allows small business owners to apply to 30 of the best lenders with one easy common application. Small business owners can come to Fundera for any of their financing needs, from credit cards to SBA loans and everything in between.

Fundera replaces small business loan brokers with software and algorithms, making the process faster and easier to navigate. Since launching in 2014, Fundera has raised over $20M in equity financing. To date, Fundera has helped over 8500 small business owners secure over $500M in financing on our platform.


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