Provide Wireless Internet to Your Guests with Hotspot Software

Antamedia presents Antamedia HotSpot Software, a complete solution for providing wireless internet access to your guests. Designed for hotels, restaurants and any other public venue this easy-to-implement solution also allows you to collect data such as email addresses and redirect users to login pages, allowing them to log in with their favorite social media accounts. The WiFi hotspot software works with any internet-enabled device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet or laptop. There is no need for your users to install any client-side software, and everything is controlled from a server-side application.

Antamedia HotSpot Software provides everything you need to ensure that your clients get the best possible wireless internet experience. By providing a way to manage bandwidth, you can ensure that everyone receives a consistent level of service. You can set maximum bandwidth quotas per client or even implement higher-speed internet access for an additional fee or otherwise save bandwidth for your VIP customers.

A fully customizable solution, the WiFi hotspot software lets you create personalized login pages for different locations. You can brand and customize your pages using the included templates or you can go it alone with a completely new design with your own colors, themes, logos and other content. Whether you want to provide internet to an entire shopping center or a boutique hotel, Antamedia HotSpot Software has you covered.

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