Rick Peyser: The Humanitarian

 Rick Peyser: The Humanitarian
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When a person commits themselves entirely to a mission within the coffee industry, they can often achieve tremendous things. Rick Peyser started his coffee career in the 1980s and has continued to be a positive influence and sincere advocate for coffee farmers worldwide. 

“I’ve now had the privilege of working with Rick on multiple projects and initiatives as collaborations between our respective organizations over the last few years and can honestly say I’ve never met anyone who is more dedicated to coffee farmers. The wisdom, expertise, compassion, and open heart he brings to all work is unparalleled,” states Cory Gilman of Heifer International, an organization that supports farmers in 21 countries.

Rick served as Director of Social Advocacy and Coffee Community Outreach for Keurig Green Mountain for 27 years. During this period, he also managed to serve for six years on the Board of Directors of the Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International (FLO) as well as President of SCA.

Since then, Mr. Peyser has continued to focus his energy on helping others with his expertise. This included sitting as a member of the board of directors for Project Alianza, which is an organization dedicated to providing education for kids on coffee farms.

Cory Gilman continues, “On a personal level, Rick always has time to chat through concerns or questions, providing guidance in career development and professional growth. I can always count on Rick for an ear that truly listens, words that encourage and support, and arms that are outstretched to point in the right direction. He opens up his vast network without hesitation, proactively going above and beyond to make connections.”

Mr. Peyser’s influence goes beyond his personal impact as his legacy grows with the organization he has co-founded, including Food 4 Farmers, which aims to provide meals for families that are at risk of food insecurities in coffee-producing regions. Additionally, his book, “Brewing Change, Behind the Bean at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters,” serves as an inspiration to current and future coffee professionals hoping to make a positive impact as well.

“Despite being an industry legend, he is humble without compare and never stops for a moment to celebrate his success– it’s always ‘what more can I do?’ A true servant leader, the impact he has made not only on me and countless others who call him mentor but thousands of coffee producers,” Cory Gilman advocates for his mentor.

Leadership is a crucial element to any goal’s success. Rick Peyser has been a success over the years and has led others to success. This is an exceedingly rare quality, and it is clearly celebrated in the testimonial given by Cory Gilman.

by Jake Leonti

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