Activist Groups Petition to Ban Solvents in European Method Decaf Coffee

Two activist groups are petitioning the FDA to ban methylene chloride from European Method decaf coffee. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) filed a petition with the FDA, calling for the ban of three other solvents in European Method decaf coffee: benzene, ethylene dichloride, and trichloroethylene. Meanwhile, the Clean Label Project (CLP) is lobbying the California State Assembly to ban methylene chloride in decaf coffee.

The Environmental Defense Fund believes that the FDA has been disregarding the law by permitting these long-established carcinogens to be added to food. The Clean Label Project executive director, Jaclyn Bowen, expressed concern that pregnant women and those with health issues are unknowingly sipping trace amounts of methylene chloride in their decaf coffee.

The National Coffee Association (NCA) opposes the petitions, stating that banning the most common decaffeinated coffee would deny decaffeinated coffee drinkers access to a safe product associated with decreased risk of multiple cancers and other health benefits. NCA President and CEO Bill Murray stated that neither EDF nor CLP have presented compelling evidence to the contrary, so the FDA and the California legislature must reject these baseless proposed bans.

European Method decaf is authorized as safe by the FDA, the European Food Safety Authority, Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and other global food safety authorities.

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