The Frother’s Daughter, Tallahassee’s mobile coffee shop

One woman has discovered an alternative way to serve coffee to the Tallahassee community, which has gained traction on social media.

Rosalyn Wilsey spends her mornings putting up her cafe, The Frother’s Daughter, on a daily basis. She claims that every day is a new beginning because she works on the road.

Wilsey stated, “My initial thinking was will I even be able to fit in one of those.” “As a person, I’m quite tall.”

Her on-the-go coffee trailer proved her incorrect. Within six months, The Frother’s Daughter was a smash hit on Tallahassee’s streets.

“It’s already so much bigger than me,” Wilsey added. Rosalyn attended Florida State University and became enamoured with the local coffee industry.

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